Our Story

I grew up being exposed to my family’s skateboarding business since I was born and never really thought anything of it. I still remember all my friends saving every nickel of their allowance to buy expensive and flashy skateboards only to snap them in a couple weeks. I just didn’t get it.

But here’s the thing, fast forward 30 years later, I had an epiphany. I realized that I can provide boards with badass designs, superior quality, and cheaper than others (why isn’t anyone doing this?).

Armed with a newly found passion for design and quality, I started this company to provide the best product for the new generation that I wish I had done for my friends. So there is my why.

Our Adventure

Our team is committed to utilize our technical expertise to provide high quality skate products that facilitate a greater skating experience without breaking the bank. We make awesome products that connect, assist, and empower skaters in their creative expression. We experience joy through you.

Our Philosophy

3WHYS represent our attitude and approach to life. Asking and challenging the “WHYS” allows us to push the status quo and boundaries. We take this approach at every process from idealization to creation of our products.

What are you waiting for

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